Thursday, February 3, 2011

Leftover Lettuce Wraps

A new family favorite has been discovered.  It's ridiculously fast and easy.  

Here's all you need:
Leftover cooked meat (we've used chicken or pork), finely chopped
Bottle of favorite Asian style sauce (we use stir-fry or Pad Thai sauces)
Cooked rice (we use brown)
Head of lettuce (we use Red or Green Leaf), washed, dried but left  in whole leaves

Heat sauce in saucepan.  Add meat and rice.  Stir until warmed through and deliciously sticky.
Place a lettuce leaf on each plate.   Add a dollop of the rice mixture.  Roll up and enjoy!  Sometimes we serve with low-sodium soy sauce for dipping.

My kids love these and I love how they are eating greens, fiber and protein.
I can imagine using shrimp or beef as well and tossing in leftover cooked broccoli, peas or carrots as well.


  1. sounds like you fixed my supper dilemma for tonight! I have half a cooked leftover chicken in my fridge!

  2. Thank you! Such a great reminder of something so simple and delicious.


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