Saturday, February 19, 2011

Silky Chocolate Fondue

When the first ruby red strawberries of  spring and summer appear in the grocery store, I have visions of  fun family chocolate fondue nights.  This recipe takes no time, can be made in advance and reheated which makes it very handy.  My husband prefers to dip bananas and my second son pineapple, but I am all about the strawberries.  Strawberries and chocolate seem like they were meant to be best friends.

1 cup cream
2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
1-2 Tbsp. light corn syrup
small pinch of kosher salt

Over medium-low heat put cream and chocolate chips in small saucepan.  Whisk constantly or the chocolate will harden.  When thoroughly melted, remove from heat and add corn syrup and salt.  Whisk until well-blended and glossy.
Serve warm.


  1. I love fondue! I'll have to give this recipe a tray. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. What a treat! Looks oh, so yummy! Sometimes I drizzle a little chocolate syrup over a banana for my late-night snack. Tell your hubby it's my fave, too. Great photos, too! H2U

  3. Oh gosh my mouth is watering...I love your blog! I'm going to follow. Thx for linking up! I need more yumminess on Wednesdays All Things Inspired!
    Can't wait to see what you come up w/ every week!

  4. When I lived in Florida a local art gallery used to have a huge fondue night at the beginning of strawberry season. It was so much fun. Your post reminded me of that and maybe I should create my own tradition at home.

  5. Mmm, I love anything Fonduish and this looks divine!

  6. That looks great, and I'm with you on the strawberries! I got a fondue maker for Christmas and so far have only done the cheesy type cooking - am anxious to try some good chocolate fondue too.
    Blessings, Beth

  7. What a fun and delicious way to enjoy those juicy strawberries! got me thinking of fondue....perfect for the weekend menu! :)

    I have a Culinary Smackdown Battle going on at my blog. The theme for this month is Cookie! Come join us for the fun. All you need to do is link up your favorite cookie recipe post, doesn't matter if it is new or old. I have some cool prizes waiting. Hope to see you there.


  8. This sounds like fun for a gathering ... thanks for sharing ... also, how long before it starts hardening again?

  9. Trisha,

    It stay smooth for quite a while. I've never had to re-heat it before people are though munching. :)

  10. This looks great! Perfect for a night in with the girls :)


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